My lemon is your lime

As a kid you learn the language of your parents and this language gives meaning to the things around you, to this world. Language is a given, it is simple. There is a word for everything there is in this world and you never second guess the name of anything. An apple is an apple, … Continue reading My lemon is your lime

Disconnect to reconnect

30 DAYS OF FEELING - DAY 10 Until yesterday I have been struggling with my therapy. My psychologist wants me to relive my the traumatic events of my childhood, open up about the emotions I felt back then and heal by rewriting my past, providing my inner child the support and safety she needed but … Continue reading Disconnect to reconnect

The Ideal Word Count For Someone With ADHD

A graph produced by SGA analysis from the narrative discourse of an ADHD patient, that portrays a clear lack of linearity.Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narrative discourse in older adults - R. Coelho, P.¬†Mattos, R. Tannocz The first time 30 Days ADHD was found by a search engine was about a year ago by someone … Continue reading The Ideal Word Count For Someone With ADHD

Speaking with a fountain pen

I have always been a terrible talker, I can just never stick to one topic, especially when the conversations I'm in are about feelings. I was never able to express myself, but more importantly, I did not listen to myself until I started writing and finally started to connect to my true self and I finally became honest to me and the people around me.