Loving the ADHD devil - DAY 3 I struggle a lot with my feelings. I mostly prefer to hide all of them, pretend I don't have emotions and on the rare occasion my feelings are able to surface, I show just anger to myself and the world around me. For over a decade I choose … Continue reading Self-Conversation

Why do we cry?

My days are covered in tears. My pillows, blankets and clothes are wet. I feel like I'm dehydrated, waking up with the feeling of a hangover every morning without drinking any alcohol. I have been crying for 4 days now, and nothing can make it stop, I just continue sobbing like a leaky rain shower. … Continue reading Why do we cry?

Sadness Dysregulation

I have always had a problem with my emotions, mostly with my sadness. Due to my ADHD and the impact it had on my life, I don't allow myself to feel sad, and I try to cover it up. Yesterday I completely fucked up and the sadness-replacing-anger took over destroying everything.