Adore your (ADH)Difference

Loving the ADHD devil - DAY 6 I am starting the feel a happiness I have never felt before, a joy related to recognizing the true me. It is like I'm finally able to discover, and be, the person that has been hiding inside me all my life but was never able to surface. I … Continue reading Adore your (ADH)Difference

Stranger in my own country

I never considered myself to be a Dutchie, but I must admit I am one. I am blond, pretty pale and once a year I even eat stamppot. I did not really get the tallness, nor the ability to eat cheese and drink milk that come with being Dutch. I never felt the need to … Continue reading Stranger in my own country

ADHD in girls – The complexity of this unknown condition

50% to 75% of girls with ADHD are missed. This is an alarmingly high percentage, and unfortunately I was one of these unlucky girls. Often, when we try to imagine ADHD, we see a young boy, a little over-active bully that performs bad at school and can't sit still. Unfortunately this is not the only … Continue reading ADHD in girls – The complexity of this unknown condition