Wired to Explore – Boredom and Dopamine

Loving the ADHD devil - DAY 21 I always was someone who got bored very easily and very fast. The jobs I had while I was a student needed to change at least once a year, when school spend too much time on one topic, I would loose all my interest and stop going, and … Continue reading Wired to Explore – Boredom and Dopamine

Peak – end rule

"When More Pain is Preferred to Less: Adding a Better End" is an interesting 1993 study, providing groundbreaking evidence for the so-called peak-end rule. The research contained two different versions of one unpleasant experience:1. Subjects submerge a hand in 14°C water for 30 seconds.2. Subjects submerge their other hand again in 14°C water for 60 … Continue reading Peak – end rule