I Am First

30 DAYS OF FEELING - DAY 2 What if there was more in this world than just ability and inability, what if we were all free to do what we feel is good for us? To do what we truly need. What if our world would allow us to put our own happiness or well-being … Continue reading I Am First

Nature’s Beauty

Loving the ADHD devil - DAY 9 Or simply my love for nature I am sitting outside in the sun, in my little flower filled paradise hideout, my secret spot, where the crowdedness of the city around me is unable to enter. There are two beautiful birds hopping around me. These birds have become familiar … Continue reading Nature’s Beauty

ADHD in girls – The complexity of this unknown condition

50% to 75% of girls with ADHD are missed. This is an alarmingly high percentage, and unfortunately I was one of these unlucky girls. Often, when we try to imagine ADHD, we see a young boy, a little over-active bully that performs bad at school and can't sit still. Unfortunately this is not the only … Continue reading ADHD in girls – The complexity of this unknown condition