Who am I? How ADHD Affects Personality

Who am I? This question is one of the hardest for me to answer. I am not good at talking about myself, I have no clue how to describe the way or person I am. I might be introvert but mostly behave extrovert. I might seem very organized in what I do but inside the … Continue reading Who am I? How ADHD Affects Personality

Toxic Insecurities

My memories of my father are covered in pain. My whole life he has made me feel worthless, he has beaten me, he has brought me down and he never understood nor allowed the person I am or was. I have never been good enough for him and he took every chance to express this. … Continue reading Toxic Insecurities

Speaking with a fountain pen

I have always been a terrible talker, I can just never stick to one topic, especially when the conversations I'm in are about feelings. I was never able to express myself, but more importantly, I did not listen to myself until I started writing and finally started to connect to my true self and I finally became honest to me and the people around me.