The good things that come with ADHD

I can write a lot about the struggles I’m experiencing in my life, the effect of the little ADHD devil taking over my brain and making everything feel like an obstacle run, a very hard one. But I should also focus on the part of me that I like, the little ADHD angle maybe, that makes me a person that I love, I can laugh about, a person that enjoys herself and the world around her. And no matter how much I’m controlled by the ADHD devil, this little angel is also there. It is very important to keep reminding myself that there are also a lot of benefits, that part of the person I love being is because of my ADHD, because without it I would have definitely been a completely different person, in both my professional and my social life. If I keep reminding myself of all the good things the ADHD angle has given me, it becomes a little easier to live with the bad things, and trust me, there are many things I have gained from my ADHD.


Almost two and a half years ago I found myself in the most difficult place I have ever been, alone at home, going crazy because of my own thoughts, unable to function in the life I had made for myself. I described it as being in a deep, scary and extremely black hole. Life was … Continue reading Bye!

Craziness Is Human

I often think of myself as being weird. My ADHD devil makes me different from other people, he makes me deal with emotions in a different way, he makes me see pink elephants everywhere and he makes my thoughts go so fast that I loose all control, linking things together that don’t have anything in … Continue reading Craziness Is Human

Self-Made Me

When I look at my sister, at the way she behaves, the way she does things, the way she talks and her opinion, I recognize my parents. The way she cleans her house, the way she thinks about the corona crises, the way she talks to my grandma… a lot of how my sister is, … Continue reading Self-Made Me

COVID-19 and my relationship

I have a great relationship with my boyfriend. We understand and support each other and we can be completely open to each other. To be honest, I never really believed in love and relationships, but the more I got to know my boyfriend, the more I had to start admitting there might be something like … Continue reading COVID-19 and my relationship

Shape your bike

When my weeks are too busy to handle, when there are too many things I have to think about and too my schedule is too full, I get on my bicycle and start cycling. A couple of years ago, I discovered the healing powers of cycling for me, the peace I feel when I get … Continue reading Shape your bike

Little Joy – The start

Today, I can not stop thinking about the day this writing journey started for me, the day I started the expedition through my own mind by writing down the first words that described what was going on inside there. My first post, Little Joy was where it all started for me. Originally a text I … Continue reading Little Joy – The start

A socially closer spring

The global COVID-19 quarantine continues while the sun is getting brighter each day. The Netherlands are blessed with the most beautiful spring in history while life outside must remain limited, preferably even avoided. A difficult contradiction, that seems to effect a lot of people, making them less careful about the corona virus that is spreading … Continue reading A socially closer spring

Everyday ADHD household hacks #2 – The ones that really don’t make things better but I can not stop doing

Over the past few years I learned a lot about myself, about the effect of my ADHD and how to make little things a little easier when it comes to everyday tasks. I discovered some useful methods when it comes to my housewife qualities but unfortunately I also developed some habits that seem to make … Continue reading Everyday ADHD household hacks #2 – The ones that really don’t make things better but I can not stop doing

Fluffy little ball of joy

I want to talk about my bunny, this fluffy little guy, roaming around in my apartment, making life so much better, making the fight with my ADHD devil so much easier. He is always happy, always with me and always able to make me feel better when I’m down. He has been a big part … Continue reading Fluffy little ball of joy

Those sunny days

When I wake up an the sun is bright enough to create a little bit of light through my extremely darkening curtains I jump out of bed and open the windows. I feel happy and full of energy, just by this tiny bit of light in my bedroom, the knowledge that there will be sun … Continue reading Those sunny days

My ADHD Super-Powers

When I’m completely down and lost, when ADHD has taken over my brain or when everything just seems utterly fucked, I have to remember the good things about myself. I am an amazing person and even though I get lost a little more often than a neurotypical person, and maybe even a little further, I … Continue reading My ADHD Super-Powers

Hyperfocus on a relationship?

I was googling about having a relationship while having ADHD. I noticed that for me, once I finally started a relationship after 7 months of dating, it started making me insecure, overthinking, demanding, and slowly I was becoming the person that I fought hard to not be anymore. But most of the google search result … Continue reading Hyperfocus on a relationship?

Little joy

Since I know I have ADHD and the more I read about it and analyze it, I start understanding myself little by little. I very often read something or analyze patterns in myself and then I think, “this is why I’m always like this! ” and knowing this makes it a little easier to deal … Continue reading Little joy