I’m an almost 30 year old architect from the Netherlands, and I have ADHD. I thought I found a solution, I thought I found a way to live a normal life and master the symptoms of my ADHD. But then on one day I noticed I had failed, hard. From being just fine, I ended up in the worst ADHD experience I’ve ever had, I lost all control. And now I have to find a way back.

The ADHD devil that lives inside my mind creates many struggles in my everyday life. Finding a balance between chaos and peace, joy and work, love and loss, and so much more, is what I try to do everyday especially now I found out that I had been wrong for so many years. I have to find a new way of balancing, and in order to do so, I have to listen to myself and I have to be honest.

That’s why I started writing the blog. Writing always helps me, it’s a way in which I can transfer my ADHD thoughts to my normal thoughts and manage them, it’s a way to analyze myself and figure out what is really going inside my head. But I also want to share with you, the reality of living with ADHD. ADHD described through the eyes of the brain itself, telling the honest truth about this so-called disorder that comes with many super-powers.