A writing challenge for myself in which I force to write and explore my own mind every day. Writing helps me to figure things out, to convert the devil’s chaos inside my mind into a story I can understand. It is my way to recognize myself and my true feelings. I started with 30 days of fighting my devil, 30 days in which I tried to stay sane and deal with the extreme chaos inside me, these 30 days did not help me to recover, but they did help me to get through the darkest days I have experienced in my life. After my fight, and after some rest I started my 30 days of love, in which I tried to learn how to love myself and connect to the true me. This is when things truly started to change and I became a much more happy balanced person. But happiness can not exist without sadness, I needed to allow myself the bad things as well as the good things in life, I needed to feel everything. And that is where I am today, writing 30 days of feelings, trying to reconnect with everything I have been hiding from myself. Is this the end? Definitely not!