Almost two and a half years ago I found myself in the most difficult place I have ever been, alone at home, going crazy because of my own thoughts, unable to function in the life I had made for myself. I described it as being in a deep, scary and extremely black hole. Life was dark, I was dark, I had no one to guide me, no one I could share my story with while I knew that everything inside me needed to get out in some way, to make some room for a new light in my life. And so, I started writing.

The more I shared about my story, here, with you, the more I felt like I got closer to myself. With every post I wrote, I started to unravel the things that I had been hiding for so long, I started to acknowledge them as a part of me, I started to understand myself, I started to become free of all the fears that used to define who I was.

I remember how my life with ADHD was focussed on suppressing a part of myself, trying to be someone I was simply not. The ADHD devil is what I used to call this part of me, but for about a year now I am no longer scared of him, there is no devil anymore, there is no medication or adjusting myself in order to conquer him. Instead there is just me, and I have been truly happy with that person for a while now.

This is why I have been struggling to write for a long time. I still love writing, but not about an ADHD devil, not even about ADHD itself, I feel like that struggle is over for me and I have nothing more to say about it. That is why I have decided to leave this blog as it is, trying to focus on my next step in life : Greece!

But before I leave, I want to thank you! Because, because of some of you, I was able to continue my journey on so many days. Especially at the beginning, having just a few of you that would like my posts every morning was for me the reason to keep writing the next day. I truly believe that without this I would not have been where I am today and for this I am truly grateful for everyone that has ever seen some words of me.


See you in the sun!

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