Challenge # 3 – Super-Powers

30 7 days of love for ADHD

The name Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder comes with a lot of negativity, a long list of struggles and problems. But not everything about ADHD is bad, not every symptom is always a negative one, instead, there are a lot of things that ADHD brains are better at compared to neurotypical brains.

It is not fair that ADHD called a disorder. Living with an ADHD devil inside my brain does make certain things a little harder for me. The devil does cover my entire world with a good amount of chaos, which causes daydreaming, distractions and disorder in my life. But together with the ADHD devil also comes the angel, the one that brings me so many good things, the one that makes me shine in a lot of things I do.

Despite the chaos that lives inside me, the angel is able to provide me with many good qualities, many super-powers. Thanks to my ADHD I have the ability to enter an extreme state of concentration, to be super creative and come up with solutions that other people can not see. My angel makes me an extremely good listener (if I’m interested), she makes me compassionate and honest, and when I trust a person enough, I have the ability to brighten up his or her world with my true joy and happiness.

We might function in a different way. We might not be able to do the things other people do and we will definitely not do them in the same way as them. But this is not a bad difference! We ADHD brains have things we are extremely good at because of how our brain works and we should always remember these and try to shape our lives according to our good qualities as much as possible.

Grab your diary, napkin, excel-sheet or anything else that helps you to remember and try to figure out what your personal amazing ADHD super-powers are in the next 7 days. Everyone has them, you just need to recognize and value yours. Start with one a day, look for things that made you proud of yourself that day, things you enjoyed and things you succeeded in, and I’m sure you will find a beautiful list of super powers that make you special!

Some ideas

My ADHD Super-Powers

When I’m completely down and lost, when ADHD has taken over my brain or when everything just seems utterly fucked, I have to remember the good things about myself. I am an amazing person and even though I get lost a little more often than a neurotypical person, and maybe even a little further, I … Continue reading My ADHD Super-Powers

Good luck!

I’m really curious to hear what you think about this challenge, as well as the one from last weeks! It helped a lot for me and I truly hope it can bring you some positivity and happiness as well!

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