Challenge # 2 – Distractions

30 7 days of love for ADHD

ADHD brains, Attention-Deficit brains, come with many distractions. Devils can not pay attentions to things they’re not truly interested in and while trying almost everything else is able to make the devil’s mind wonder off to a different topic. This happens in school, at work, in conversations, while reading, driving, cycling or having sex… Distractions are a part of daily ADHD life and occur in everything we do, unless we are able to enter hyperfocus mode of course.

But are distractions always a bad thing? Many people make us believe they are, we are taught that being easily distracted is our main flaw, the main thing that will prevent us from ever excelling at something in life but I believe our distractions are something different. I believe distractions are often a super power that enables us to see the things that are otherwise left unseen, things other people miss out on. With some of our distractions we are able to notice much more beauty, humor or details in this world or we are able to learn about things that are just really cool to know, being distracted is far from always a bad thing.

A lot has changed for me once I started allowing my distractions to just be. Mostly I experienced a decrease in the chaos inside me, making me believe that most of it was created by my continuous fight to stay focussed. By allowing myself to be distracted I actually gained focus since I no longer occupy my mind with the war against my devil. Besides, my distractions often turn out to be something positive and this brings me to the second ADHD challenge. Grab your diary, napkin, word file or anything else that helps you to remember and try to answer the next question for the coming 7 days:

Some ideas

Getting trapped watching youtube videos about falling pandas or stumbling penguins while working, but they made you laugh so hard it was worth the time.

Start playing a game when you were about to go for a shower and keep playing for at least an hour. But this time you’re finally able to reach the next level after being stuck for moths, totally worth smelling that they!

Being unable to work because of all the conversations around you but while listening you find out that your boss is shoe shopping and unsure what nike’s he would buy next since he has all of them already. You are not the only one that gets distracted, you are not the only one that spends too much money on shoes and since he is your boss, there is still hope for you becoming a boss despite your distractions. You have a nice conversation about shoes which gives you enough energy to start focussing on work again and you feel good about getting closer with your boss.

Start a research on why we wear socks, or some other silly things that seems so normal, and actually learn a lot of cool things, about umbrellas or something.

Bumping up against people and objects during your walk because you saw so many beautiful things around you you just couldn’t ignore. A fish in the water, a bird with a baby, a super nice building, a color of paint you really like or the reflection of the sun on a certain material. Absolutely beautiful things that are meant to be seen.

Watching your pet sleep way too often because it just makes you feel so comfortable and happy to see him or her completely relaxed. I literally looked at my bunny about 20 times while writing this, and with every small glimpse a smile appeared on my face.

Good luck!

I’m really curious to hear what you think about this challenge, as well as the one from last week! It helped a lot for me and I truly hope it can bring you some positivity and happiness as well!

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