Challenge # 1 – Misplacement

30 7 days of love for ADHD

I started this blog mostly as a way to challenge myself to write about my ADHD for 30 days. A challenge to confront myself with what was really going on inside my mind and it turned out that my writing helped me a lot in creating understanding about myself and my ADHD. Now, after much more than 30 days of writing, I want to try something new, something that might help you to start loving and accepting your own ADHD in the way I learned to do because of writing.

I am far from an expert on ADHD treatment and in no way am I able to come close to providing you with the professional help you need if you struggle with your own devil’s existence daily. But I can share tips that have helped me to get past my ongoing fight with my devil. Things are changing for the good for me and I believe that some things I learned to do to accept my own ADHD devil, can change your opinion on his presence as well.

If you’re new to my blog and are wondering what devil it is I’m talking about, here are some posts that can explain the terms I use to describe my ADHD and my main believes on how ADHD should be seen as a deviation instead of a disorder:
> Why ADHD is like a Devil
> I am the devil
> Adore your (ADH)Difference
> ADHD: Deviation, not Disorder

The goal of the challenge

In the coming weeks, I’ll provide you with a new challenge every Friday. Each challenge will focus on a specific struggle that is part of the ADHD experience, like getting distracted or being unable to sit still. But instead of looking at this struggle as a bad thing, I want to ask you to look for the good in it. Did something make you laugh? Did you notice some extra fun or beauty because of your ADHD? Try to reshape your struggle into something that is positive for you.

The idea is that I’ll ask you to keep a kind of diary of all the positivity you can find in your struggles, and every week I’ll provide you with a new topic for the week to come. Filling in the diary will only take a few minutes or so per day, but as a result you create a book, collection of napkins, word-file or comment on this post, you’re completely free to choose whatever you like.. The point is that you create something that will remind you of all the beautiful, happy and fun things your devil provides you with, something that can help you to see the amazing things that belong to you.

Challenge # 1 – Misplacement

This first week I want to start with something easy. I have always been able to notice some fun in the way I am able to put things in a place they totally not belong. I agree that one of the most frustrating things about living with ADHD is having to search your whole house for your keys every single time you want to go out, but how often does a smile appear when you discover the place they have been hiding? The stranger the place, the harder the search but also the more rewarding the find is.

Life with ADHD can feel like a never-ending game of hide-and-seek, and no matter how much structure you manage to bring into your life, the game will never stop. So why not start playing this game and enjoy it? See your devil as a comedian, or a way to train you’re finding-skills. Laugh about the strange places you choose for the things you tend to loose, don’t let them frustrate you but see them as some extra reward other people miss out on. Play the game and have fun!

Try to ask yourself the this question every day in the next week and try to laugh about your answer. Was is really that bad? Or is it maybe something that can brighten up your grandma’s life the next time you call her? Did you maybe even smiled a little at the moment you discovered your answer?

Some ideas

I am very familiar with finding things in the weirdest places and whenever I discover this, I laugh about the strange way in which my brain works. I enjoy the reward of finding the things I miss and I thank my brain for not being normal, because normal wouldn’t be as fun as I am.

Waiting 60 minutes for a cake to bake in the oven, only to find out the oven is completely empty. Was I even baking a cake? After searching the whole house I discovered I put the cake in the cupboard before putting the timer. Laugh, and try again.

I found my tweezers in between the grapes I bought yesterday. Am I supposed to eat grapes with tweezers from now on?

I’m never able to forget where I changed my clothes. The little piles of clothing spread around my house mark every spot I have used as a dressing room since the last time I did my laundry. But this morning I discovered one in front of the stove… Did I change while cooking? I can’t remember.

Whenever something is truly lost, I know exactly where to find it. Underneath the coffee table!

This one I discovered just now… Is there anything on the proper spot in here? Or does the combination of things makes the misplacement even worse? At least I had a good laugh and left it like this. I’ll put everything where it belongs once I find out what place this is.

Good luck!

I’m really curious to hear what you think about this challenge! It helped a lot for me and I truly hope it can bring you some positivity as well!

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