Nature’s Beauty

Loving the ADHD devil – DAY 9
Or simply my love for nature

I am sitting outside in the sun, in my little flower filled paradise hideout, my secret spot, where the crowdedness of the city around me is unable to enter. There are two beautiful birds hopping around me. These birds have become familiar with my presence in their search for the next old dry plant that will become a treasure in the nest they are building to welcome their future child into this world.

I notice how my plants are growing each day. How the sun and the water I provide them with are able to create the energy they need to climb to the sky and create beautiful flowers. I remember how some of these flowers will provide the soon to be born baby bird with the energy he or she will need to grow up, to become a big bird and fly out to the next garden that provides the ingredients for a nest, all because of the water I gave to my colorful happy plants.

Nature is a beautiful thing, even within the concrete I’m surrounded with it is still able to find its way. It’s a beautiful connection between so many different living things. Insects wouldn’t survive without plants but plants also can’t survive without insects, nor without birds, other animals or sometimes even other plants. Everything depends on each other, everything is connected, like a continuous circle.

Sometimes I can be a part of this beautiful circle of nature. I can provide everything with the water it needs to start. I can provide nature with its main ingredient for success by just opening my tap and although this gives me an extreme feeling of satisfaction and happiness, it also makes me wonder about what a strange world we live in.

Why am I allowed to own this infinite amount of water while everything that is not human, an even some less fortunate humans, are left with only a change of this liquid that is the start of everything? Why do I have power to determine if plants, birds, or even my own bunny, get the resource they need to survive? Why are humans in charge of everything and why do we decide what happens to all the other living things? Why am I superior?

I get that my brain is more complex and advanced than the brain of my bird friends or my bunny. I understand that we humans have the ability to create the perfect conditions for us to survive and grow. But didn’t we go too far in protecting ourselves? Didn’t we take too much from this world to be able to live the most comfortable life?

We have taken over almost all the space on this planet, covering everything in concrete, having a plan for every square meter of existing land. We control everything, and when nature works its beautiful way around our plans we often just try to remove it or shape it into something that fits our ideas. We decide where water goes, we decide where plants area allowed to grow and we even kill the plants, insects or animals we don’t like.

I’ve never considered myself some kind of ecologist or green activist but I did always wonder if the world is divided in a fair way. I have always had my doubts about the way we are in control of everything. Do we really need all these trees that used to be a beautiful rainforest? Do we really need to use all our technological strength to keep living on a part of land that nature wants to turn into a sea? Do we really need to eat all those animals that we have created to provide us with a cheap and tasty form of protein? Haven’t we go too far in our need to control? Do we really need all of this?

I don’t really agree with what our modern world looks like, many times I wish I would have lived thousands of years ago, fighting for my dinner, searching for berries and nuts, needing the same extreme strength to survive as nature requires, and possesses today, in this world.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I live now, and I do feel a little blessed with the luxury and complexity that comes from being a part of this modern world. I know that now I don’t have to fight to survive, everything I need I am provided with. But I will keep providing the nature around me with whatever it needs, just so I can be a small part in what’s left of this beautiful circle of nature.

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