Fighting the ADHD devil – DAY 28

Opa is the Dutch word for grandfather. A word with a lot of meaning. A special word. I have never met my other grandfather, so opa for me, is only one person. One extremely special person. For me, opa is not a father of a parent, opa is my Opa. My friend, my parent and my biggest support in life.

Dear Opa,
you told me,
    that we both have known from the beginning
    that you would go before me
And fortunately you where right.

But Opa,
it hurts so much to loose you,
    your strength
    your love, wisdom and your jokes
And your eyes, that told me everything.

And Opa,
your hands,
    that welcomed me
    that held me, and wished me well
In our own way.

i am so happy i was allowed to see you enjoy,
    my stories
    my presence, success and tears
Until the very end. 

And Opa,
i am so lucky i was allowed to enjoy,
    your presence
    your support, pride and love
And your incredible stories.

Sweet Opa,
i am so thankful you have always been there,
    for all your wisdom
    for everything i have learned from you
From my first step, to your last day.

we have had so much fun,
    all the things we have done
    all the places we have been
For all the memories we have created together.

And Opa,
i am so grateful,
    that you accepted me
    that you always understood me
That you have known me, just the way i am.

Dear Opa,
i am so blessed,
    that a part of me is you
    that we shared everything
That you are my Opa, and so much more.

And Opa,
i am so thankful,
    for being there when things got hard
    for all those conversations
For holding you hand till your last breath.

you deserve your rest,
    i will never forget you
    i will always miss you
And i will always keep remembering.

But Opa,
i will also continue,
    with everything you were so proud of
    with improving and learning even more
While i keep thinking of you.

Dear Opa,
    Thank you.
    For everything. 

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