Fighting the ADHD devil – DAY 20 – Unintended corona quarantine

About 4 years ago I decided to stop reading, watching or listening to any news, after years of trying to stay up-to-date. The news has two big problems for me, one is that it is just really hard to make myself interested enough to pay attention to it every day. Secondly, news brought me more harm than good. With my hypersensitivity a sad story could really upset me, and the news contains a shitload of sad stories.

I stopped being involved with the news in any way, I don’t turn on the tv, I don’t listen to radio, I am not on social media and I never even get close to a newspaper. Some people think this is weird, they believe I’m missing out on a lot, but for me this works perfectly. I don’t have to force myself even more and I don’t get upset every day.

The last few weeks I have heard some people around me talk about this corona, and in the office I did read some emails to not travel to China and to discuss holidays and visitors with the office manager, but until today I did not really pay any attention to this, I did not know what corona was or what was going on until my boyfriend called me in the afternoon. He wanted us to not go to the concert we’re planning on going, he wanted me to do groceries that would last for a while and he will be working home from tomorrow.

I figured the time had come for me to read the news. I was surprised, on the internet I did not even have to search for corona, everything was about corona. The whole word is talking about it, schools are closing, people are dying.. I started laughing, apparently I had become extremely good at isolating myself from the rest of the world since I had completely missed this new. It is funny to realize how I’m probably the only person not knowing about corona while my third week of quarantine has started today. At least I can be proud of myself for picking out this time to stop being ok, staying home to write might be the best thing to do right now.

When I went out for groceries I suddenly started realizing the effect of corona. There were no normal counters, only the ones where you can scan stuff yourself where open, I was only allowed to pay by card and the store looked more empty than usual. The shelves with soup, pasta, instant sauces and crackers where almost empty, everything that is canned or lasts long was almost out of stock. I decided to buy the items that seemed to be almost out of stock, just in case, and went back to my writing quarantine.

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