My ADHD Super-Powers

When I’m completely down and lost, when ADHD has taken over my brain or when everything just seems utterly fucked, I have to remember the good things about myself. I am an amazing person and even though I get lost a little more often than a neurotypical person, and maybe even a little further, I do have some great qualities I should never forget to remember. So to bring back the positive in me, and maybe in you, it is time to sum up my ADHD super powers.

I am : Creative

My brain is wired differently, to be honest, I believe it’s a bit overwired, but this allows me to see opportunities other people can not see. Let me tell you an example. On my recent and first snowboarding experience I borrowed clothes that where more than just a little too big. The worst thing where the pants, on the first day in the snow I was literally scooping all the snow inside my underwear because of the size of these pants. My boyfriend got panicked, I needed abelt or I would get too cold, but of course belts are hard to find on a mountaintop.

But what I did have was a small hair tie and two bobby pins, and with this I was able to connect the two front loops of my oants to tighten them, tight enough to protect me against the snow. The days after I would take a lace from my normal shoes and use it as a belt, because when I needed my pants to stay up I was wearing my snowboard shoes, perfect!

For me things are rarely a real problem, but just an opportunity to use my creativity to come up with a new solution. This super power helps me a lot in my work as well, I can see things nobody else can come up with.

I am : Never a quitter

When it comes to challenges there is no way I will ever agree to something being too hard or too difficult for me. When something really needs to happen I will succeed, no matter what. I remember when I was building my own furniture, and I got to the final part of placing the doors. I had never done this before, I had no idea how hinges work and I still have the feeling this job should be done with two people instead of one, but I wanted to make the furniture by myself, so also these door I had to be able to fix alone. The first door I started on a Sunday, I had no idea what to do or how to do it, I watched a couple of youtube videos and read some tutorials, ready to start! But it took till Wednesday before the first door was fixed and able to open and close. Still I did not give up, every free hour after work and in every weekend I was trying to put more doors (16 in total). I think it took me 3 weeks, but I did succeed, without any help. I trust that I should be capable of doing anything, and I will never give up and in the end I’ll always succeed (although sometimes I have to use ADHD super power nr. 1 to come up with non conventional ways to finish something)

I am : Compassionate

As part of, or besides, having ADHD I am hypersensitive. As a ‘highly sensitive person’ (HSP) I am not only sensitive to sound and light, I also sense other peoples feelings. I have to be careful with this superpower, even when I pass people on the street while I’m not wearing my headphones or have some other kind of distraction, I can start copying peoples feelings, I start feeling them myself and this is extremely tiring.

However, this does mean that I will always feel it when a person is upset and when they need someone to talk to. And as a plus side, when I’m upset myself and I spend time with people that are genuinely good and happy I start copying those feelings as well and feel a little better myself.

I am : Honest

Although I manage parts of my ADHD I am still not good at filtering my first reaction on things. I don’t get carried away in them anymore, but it takes some time before my filters kick in which means the first 10 seconds of my reaction are completely unfiltered, completely honest.

Birthday presents, outfit choices, opinions and basically everything that has to do with communication is completely honest with me. I could never say I like something that I don’t, or agree with something I don’t agree with because in the first 10 seconds I will always show my true and honest opinion, and after that there’s no way back. I see this as a super power because this way I stay close to myself, I will never find myself doing anything I don’t like or not agree with, and the people around me will know the true me.

I am : Strong

My ADHD made me into a strong person. Because I wasn’t diagnosed until I was at University I have always felt misunderstood, different and even weird when I was young. My parents used to tell me I was worthless, not capable of doing anything, and friends always disappeared after they got to know the real me. But I dealt with this, I never gave up and used all these negative opinions about myself to become a better person. I wanted to show to myself I was a good person, I was capable of good things, I was better than what everyone thought about me, and this made me strong. The person I am right now is not made by good parenting, and I have faced most of the challenges in my life alone. I am strong.

I am : Fun

I do things differently, I think differently and I act impulsive and this makes me a fun person to be around. Last night I built a tent of self-love around my bed because the rest of the house was a big mess and I wanted to have a little clean hideout, my boyfriend loved it. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was in Paris, I booked tickets for me and my friends the night before we left, and they loved it. When a friend of mine had his birthday last year I filled his whole house with balloons and made 3 cakes for him to eat that day, and he loved it. And when my colleague felt bad for a while, I made two balloon dolls on our chairs and took him outside for a few hours to eat chocolate and throw darts at a picture of our project and client, and he loved it.

I am : Calm

There is not much in this world that can upset me, or at least not immediately. If bad things happen I will always try to find a solution for them instead of panicking. I am a person people can rely on in a crises. At work, when a client is asking for the impossible, I will calm down everyone and come up with a way to get it done. When my dad got his heart attack I did not panic, I stayed calm, asked the right questions to the doctor, tried to calm down my mother and sister, and made sure the most important things that needed to be done were done. When things get difficult I function at my best, I see this as challenges or opportunities and the people around my can lean on me in these times.

I am : Active

There are not many times in my life that I’ll be too tired for something. Off course I have some trouble starting things that are not interesting enough, but if you present something that gets my interests I am always in to do it. If anyone needs help painting the house, moving furniture, doing groceries or just needs someone to go for some kind of sporty activity, I will always be ready to join and help and I will be able to help until it’s finished, or maybe beyond.

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