ADHD is often described by a list of symptoms, made up by the neurotypical brains that invented the name ADHD. But this doesn’t cover the whole story, it doesn’t explain the true experience of living with this type of brain everyday of your life since it’s merely focussed on what is visible from the outside. ADHD, especially in girls, does great damage on the inside and the true symptoms are much severe than a clinical list can describe.


ADHD is much more than a disorder. ADHD brains contain an angel inside them, providing them with many super-powers and cool abilities. ADHD comes with good things, with a lot of fun and happiness on the days that the devil remains small. ADHD brains love stronger, laugh harder and live more intense which makes us amazing people to be around.


From little frustrations to big challenges, everyday the ADHD devil effects the life of the brain he lives in. He spreads chaos and darkness and sometimes he wins the fight and bad things happen. The scary truth about the devil’s dark magic that makes ADHD brains do things they will regret and often feel ashamed of. The most honest description of the darkest ADHD moments.

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ADHD Wired: dealing with feeling different


My lemon is your lime

As a kid you learn the language of your parents and this language gives meaning to the things around you, to this world. Language is a given, it is simple. There is a word for everything there is in this world and you never second guess the name of anything. An apple is an apple, … Continue reading My lemon is your lime


Elpida (Greek: Ελπίδα) is a Greek word which means “hope.” 

Rewriting my truth

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 14 Schema therapy is about healing the child within yourself, about bringing her (or him) back to life and help her change and grow. It is a kind of re-parenting therapy, in which you yourself, together with your psychologist rewrite the painful moments of your childhood, kind of showing … Continue reading Rewriting my truth

Disconnect to reconnect

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 10 Until yesterday I have been struggling with my therapy. My psychologist wants me to relive my the traumatic events of my childhood, open up about the emotions I felt back then and heal by rewriting my past, providing my inner child the support and safety she needed but … Continue reading Disconnect to reconnect

Crying is just a pathetic way to get attention and fear is only caused by the monster that is me

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 6 There is one more thing I need to investigate before I will be able to start figuring out a way to change myself. Until now I have learned about how I deal with my emotions in relation to other people, how not only my mother but our society … Continue reading Crying is just a pathetic way to get attention and fear is only caused by the monster that is me

I hold my own light

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 4 I feel like my life has become all about my breakdown. At work my mental state is a topic in almost every conversation, my conversations with family and friends have become distant and with everything I keep doubting myself because of what I am going through. Sometimes I … Continue reading I hold my own light

I Am First

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 2 What if there was more in this world than just ability and inability, what if we were all free to do what we feel is good for us? To do what we truly need. What if our world would allow us to put our own happiness or well-being … Continue reading I Am First

I Must Too Much

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 1 It makes me angry that I could barely find the time to write today. The whole timing this past year of sickness has just been off. A year ago I had all the time to write and work on myself, and I believe I even was much better … Continue reading I Must Too Much

I Accept

30 DAYS OF FEELING – DAY 0 Mental health is about how we think feel and behave, it’s about looking after ongoing wellness and happiness, about knowing yourself and making sure that your needs are met, being able to express your feelings and standing up for yourself, knowing what you can and can not do … Continue reading I Accept